A Private limited Company.

AVALON offers a great Package for the Private Ltd Company registration aimed at the Start-up companies in India:

OFFER PACKAGE : Rs 15,000/-

This includes the following services:

2 x DIN + DSC ( for 2 x Directors ).

Name validation of the Company + Drafting/Printing of MOA/AOA of the company.

Certificate of Incorporation of the company + PAN + TAN.


Premium Legal template/Agreements are included in the offer.

MSME Registration certificate (for availing Govt. benefits/subsidies)

SPECIAL SEPTEMBER OFFER (for all PO placed before 1/04/2020)

FREE X GST Registration Certificate.

​The Cost Schedule in the Private ltd Company registration is as follows:

2 x Digital Signature (DSC)                      : (1000 x 2)         = Rs 2000
2 x Director Identification Number                    : (1000x 2)          = Rs 2000
Stamp Duty (Approx.)                                     : Rs 3500
Notary Fees                                                              :  Rs 1500
Govt Fee for RUN+PAN+TAN                                :  Rs 1500
Professional Fee                                                      :  Rs 4500

Grand Total fees:                                                         Rs 15,000/-

Timeframe of Pvt. Ltd Company registration

​It takes minimum of 10 days to complete the whole incorporation of the Private limited company.