A Section 8 Company- NGO

                             SECTION 8 – COMPANY

A Section 8 – Company is an organization which is registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO). NPO/company has its objective of promotion of arts, commerce, charity, education, protection of environment, science, social welfare, sports, research, religion and intends to apply its profits, if any, or other income in promoting its objects.

The income of the Company must be used to promote only charitable objects and cannot pay any dividend to the members of the company. The central government provides an incorporation certificate to all such companies and also informs them about some restrictions and conditions. In case they don’t fulfill them, the Central government may also order them to close down.

AVALON has a great Package Offer for its clients for the Setup of the Section 8 company.

Bronze-Package value: Rs 30,000/-

This offer comprises of the following services.

# MOA/AOA + Certificate of Incorporation.

# 2 x (DSC + DIN) Digital Signature of Director.

# Name /Approval of the Company.

# PAN/TDS of the company.

SILVER Pack: Rs 40,000/-

  1. Bronze pack.
  2. GST + MSME Registration.
  3. Current Account bank facility in PNB/ICICI BANK.

GOLD Pack: Rs 50,000/-

  1. Silver Pack.
  2. GST Filing sw + returns. for 3 months-Training on GST Sw.


The Stamp Duty on the AOA/MOA differs from State-to State and will charged on actual.


  1. Proof of Registered Office.
  2. NOC from Landlord for Office premises.
  3. 2 x Photographs of Promoters.
  4. Address Proofs of 2 x Promoter.
  5. Identity Proof of 2 x Promoters.
  6. PAN Card of 2 x Promoters.
  7. Utility Bill of premises.
  8. Signed-Declaration of the Promoters.



Day1          :  Application filing for DSC.

Day 2-4      : Name Check Availability.

                   : Application for NAME-reservation.

                   : Name Reservation.

Day 5-8      : Drafting of MOA & AOA+ Other documents.

                   : Stamp Duty payment on MOA + AOA.

                   : Notarization of MOA + AOA.

Day 9-13   : License Application (INC 12).

                   : Govt. processing time for Approval.

                   : License Application (INC 16) for Section 8 Company.

Day 14-16 :  Filing License Application.

                   : 2 x DIN Application filing.

                   : PAN/TAN application filing.

Day 17-19 : Govt. processing time.

                   : Certificate of Incorporation of the section 8 company.