An LLP( Limited Liability Partnership)

AVALON offers a great Package for the Limited Liability Partnership firm (LLP) in India.

OFFER PACKAGE:  Rs 15,000/-

(This includes all Govt. charges except the LLP Agreement Stamp charges).

This includes the following services:

  • 2 x LLP designated Partners (DIN + DSC).
  • Name approval of the LLP Company.
  • Certificate of Incorporation + PAN + TAN of the company.


  • MSME Registration (for availing Govt. benefits/Subsidies).
  • Premium Legal Agreements + templates.


# Pan Card of the All Partners.
# Identity Proof of the partner’s like Voter id or Passport or Aadhar Card etc.
# Address proof of the partner which include documents like voter ID driver’s license or Aadhar card etc. for proving the address of the partner.
# Proof of residence of the partners which include documents like gas bill money bill etc. The bills should not be older than 2 months
# Photograph of the partner’s.
# Proof of registered office of LLP Registration like any Sale Deed or any rent agreement or any NOC with the electricity bill copy.
#Digital signature certificate of a partner.
# LLP agreement executed among the parties.


1)  First step of new registration process of LLP is to obtain Digital signature certificate (DSC) for proposed partner. A DSC is very critical as for an LLP because one has to file all file Legal & IT compliances with it. You cannot file an E form without DSC.

2) After obtaining a DSC, you have to reserve firm’s name under LLP-Run services. If you want to use services of LLP-RUN then you have to create an account on the website of MCA and request for reservation of name. A maximum of 2 names for your LLP is allowed for clear & final registration.

3) Another recent method is the is filing with the There is no requirement of multiple Co-Names etc as the Fillip is an incorporation form. After filing this form the MCA authority will conduct a Due-diligence on your filing & upon successful clearance -you will get your incorporation number. After incorporation of your firm you have to file your LLP agreement within 30 days of its incorporation.


  1. Director-Partner Identification Number (DPIN/DIN)- Rs 1000/-.

Hence for 2 Partners…Total cost is Rs 2000/-.( Lifetime Fee ).
2) Digital Signature (DSC)– Rs 2000/-for  2 Partners.
3) Name Reservation Appln- Rs 500/-.
4)  Government Charges (including Stamp Duty)-Rs 1500 /-.
5)  Preparation of LLP Agreement by us-Rs 500/-.
6)  Preparation of LLP Partner Consent by us-Rs 500/-.

Total Govt expenses- Rs 8000/-.

Our Professional charges- Rs 7000/-.


Timeline of LLP registration is about 7 -10 days.

You have to reserve your LLP’s name first by filing the Fillip form. In 1 x week you will get your LLP Incorporation number. After getting an Incorporation number you have to file LLP agreement within 30 days of its incorporation.