BarCode License


Barcode is a machine-readable image which quickly and accurately identifies a product. It is a unique global identification system which is used in the supply chain for articles like the product, logistic goods, entities of trade, location, documents etc.

It is widely used in retail supply chain management. The majority of the retail stores throughout the globe are using barcode system for product identification and its management.

It was designed in 1970 by George J. Laurer in the U.S.A.

AVALON has a great package for the Bar-Coding provision as follows:

Offer value: Rs 5,000/-

This includes the following services:

# Submission of all relevant documents to Govt. Dept.

# Bar-Coding Registration fee.

# Liaison with Govt. Dept till Bar-code is issued.


# Facilitation of the Supply-Chain process:

The bar-coding process has created a revolution in the Logistics & Supply-chain industry.

We can provide-Automatic Identification/ Tracking of the goods in the entire Supply-chain process globally. It records data in a structured manner & provides them to the Trading partners.

# Types of Barcode:

Barcodes are of different industries. They are namely:


@ Data bar family.

@ 1-D & 2-Dimensional barcodes.

# Registration of the Bar Code:

@ The barcode can be taken in various sizes. The process is identified by the Applicant.

@ The necessary documents- MOA/AOA & P-L Sheet is provided along with the Application.

@ The required Govt. Fees is paid along with the Application form; based on the LOT-size & Validity period.

@   Delivery of the Barcode after receipt of 100% payments & PO.


Documents Required for Barcode

  • The Certificate of Incorporation.
  • GST Registration.
  • Pan Card of company.
  • Request letter on company‚Äôs letterhead.
  • Balance Sheet as on 31st March.
  • Any other registration copy by govt.





  • Applied April to June – Valid to 31st March
  • Applied July to Sept. – Valid to 30th June
  • Applied Oct to Dec. – Valid to 30th Sept
  • Applied Jan to March – Valid to 31st Dec.