Company Profile

AVALON FINANCIAL ADVISORS was incorporated with a charter to assist the STARTUP companies with the following incorporation activities:

PROJECT ADVISORY SERVICES: New Project Biz services like :

  • Project Setup and Licensing services.
  • Project Report & Market Advisory Services.
  • Project Legal & Regulatory services.
  • Project Funding services.
  • Project Management with an EPC Contractor.


We also provide CSR Project Advisory services ranging from -Fund-Raising to EPC Construction Services in setting up the following CSR units :

  • Vocational / Teacher’s Training & Education Institutes.
  • Charitable Units -Old Homes/Rural Hospitals/Nursing Homes.

Mr SARISH VARMA is an Electronics Engineer and has a Masters in Biz-Law. He has more than 30 years of Setup/Sales & Financing of New & Existing Industrial projects.

Mrs SONIKA VARMA is an Arts Graduate has more than 7 years of experience in Paralegal & Govt Liaison services.