MSME Registration

  1. MSME Registration:


Under the MSME Act -2015 the Central Government has modified the MSME or SSI Registration modality and its nomenclature has been changed into the Udyog Aadhar Registration.

MSME comes under the aegis of the Ministry of Small & Medium Industries (MSME) and it authorizes numerous Incentives/Subsidies under the MSME Act-2015.

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Apart from the SME enterprises as mentioned above, some Partnership/LLP firms, or Proprietorships/Private & Public limited companies are also eligible to apply for registration under MSME to avail its Industrial subsidies benefits.



This applies to all the companies who have an investment of :

  1. > Rs 25.0 lacs in the Manufacturing sector.
  2. > Rs 10.0 lacs in the Service sector.


This applies to all the companies who have an investment of :

  1. > Rs 5.0 crores in the Manufacturing sector.
  2. > Rs 2.0 crores in the Service sector.


This applies to all the companies who have an investment of :

  1. > Rs 5.0 crores in the Manufacturing sector.
  2. > Rs 10.0 crores in the Service sector.

The Registration process involves the filing of the UDYOG AADHAR form to the respective Government office according to the latest rules and regulations.
The following details will mentioned in the Udyog Aadhar form.

# Your Aadhar Number.
# Name of Applicant.
# Social Category.
# Gender
# Name of Enterprise / Business.
# Type of Organization you are opting for.
# Your PAN number.
# Location of Plant you are setting up in a place.
# Your current office Address.
# Mobile Number.
# Your E- Mail ID.
# Date of Commencement of Business.
# Your Bank Account Number.
# Bank IFS Code.
# Main Business Activity of Enterprise
# NIC 2 Digit Code.
# Additional details about Business.
# Number of employees
# Investment in Plant & Machinery / Equipment
# Attachment of your scan copy of Aadhaar card
# The usual time is between 2-3 days to complete all the documentation of the registration.

The important MSME Scheme Benefits under the Registration scheme:-

Easy Bank Loans – All the business which are registered under the MSME can avail the benefits regarding the Collateral-free bank loans. Banks are provide the collateral free loans even when one’s property is not pledged with the Banks.

​Easy to open business bank account or any other license registration – MSME Registration Certificate is treated as a legal entity proof of the business for opening the required Current Account.

Participate in the International Trade Fairs – All the business will get special Subsidies for Export promotion & waiver of foreign marketing expenses by the Govt of India. This needs the MSME certification.

Octroi Benefits under MSME: – Small enterprise have to pay the Octroi on the goods and services which is delivered by them across the states operation; the Govt. provides the refund of the Octroi/Toll duties which is imposed on the Transporter.

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges Waived off –All businesses in an SEZ or an IT park will get the Stamp duty/Registration charges waiver if they are empanelled under the MSME scheme.

Reimbursement under the Bar Code Registration – If empanelled under the MSME scheme the snmall businesses will get wiavers in the expenses incurred to get Bar-coding facility for their Billing/Invoicing operation.

Subsidy on the NSIC Performance and Credit Rating: – Under this scheme all the small enterprise can avail the benefits of the subsidy on various expenses through NSIC Performance.

Industrial Promotion Subsidy – Under this scheme Govt wants to promote the small enterprise so they provide benefits regarding industrial promotion in terms of subsidy.

Protection in the Delay- Payments from Buyers – Most small businesses suffer from a long Credit period for sale of Goods/services; the Govt offers protection to their debts via MSME registration.

Reduction in rate of the Interest by the major banks – All the major banks have some Reservation-policy regarding the banks loan for the MSME sector which is following –
1. 40% of the total Bank -advances must go to Micro and Small enterprises involved which have an investment up to Rs 10.0 lacs in Plant/machinery head & up to Rs 10.0 lacs for service enterprises having investment in equipment up to Rs.4 lakh.

2. 20% of the total Bank-advance to Micro and Small enterprises should go to SME-manufacturing units that have an investment (Rs.10 lakh to Rs 25 lakh) in the plant and machinery and for SME-Service enterprises that have investments in equipment above Rs.4.0 lacs.

Capital Subsidy – Under this scheme all the SME units get a 15% Capital subsidy for the purchase of Plant/Machinery for the operations.

Security Deposit Waiver: – SME’s have very small amount of the working capital to run their business; some funds are allocated to the Security Deposits for registration process. This has been waived off for the MSME enterprises.

Concession in the Electricity Bills – All the SME enterprises which have MSME Udyog Aadhar Certificate can avail the concession in the Electricity bills in the particular Industrial / Municipal areas.

Benefits in ISO Certificate – Small enterprise while apply for the big Project tenders have to show their credibility which requires the ISO Certification. The Govt gives subsidies to SME’s for the ISO Certification.

Preference in the Government Tenders – MSME certified enterprise are preferred in the Government tenders during the bid.

Subsidy on the Patent Registration – SME’s in Manufacturing of product business need the Patent registration. Under this scheme one gets the 50% waiver in the Patent registration fee.