Trust Registration

Trust Registration in India

The first step to register a Trust starts with the drafting of a Trust Deed. The trust deed is to be executed on appropriate non-judicial stamp paper; the Stamp duty rate differs from state to state.

The next step is to seek an appointment with the sub-registrar office having jurisdiction based on the registered office of the trust for the filing of the Application & the payment of the Government registration fees.

The Trust deed is presented before the sub-registrar where all trustees need to be present along with two witnesses. The registration process is then undertaken by the office of the sub-registrar, and the registered deed can be collected after a week time.

The next logical step shall be to get the PAN and TAN Number allotted for the trust and open a Bank A/c for the trust.

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This includes the following activities:

# Name selection.

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# PAN/TAN & Bank Ac No.

Trust Registration Process in India

Selection of Name

First thing is to select a unique name of your trust, the name should not violate or infringes someone else name or trademark.

Drafting of Trust Deed

The trust deed needs to be drafted wherein the parties to the deed shall be settler (author of the trust deed), the trustee and the beneficiary.

Registration of Trust

A trust deed is a document which requires mandatory registration before the registrar of the trusts having jurisdiction.

PAN, TAN and Bank A/C

After registration of the trust, the next step is to apply for allotment of PAN Number and TAN and thereafter opening of a bank A/c.

Documents Required For Trust Registration

  • Trust Deed on Proper Stamp Value
  • Two witness
  • Proof of Registered Address
  • NOC from the Owner of Premises
  • Two Photograph
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Valid Identity Proof
  • Latest Address Proof.

Mandatory Activities after the registration of the Trust:

Shops & Establishment Registration

  • A trust is considered as a commercial entity and since it would hire employees, like any other commercial company the registration with the shops and hence the Establishment act is mandatory within 30 days of its setup.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • A trust is not exempt from obtaining the GST Registration since the trust would also supply goods or services hence GST Registration for the trust shall be required. The GST shall apply in the same manner as any other business.

Professional Tax Registration

  • The Professional tax is a tax levied on the trade, commerce, professional and employment etc, As the trust shall be employing staff, hence they are also required to seek registration under the professional tax.